[Emotional Marketing] How to Win the Heart of Customers in Holiday Season


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Marketers, have you created the right marketing strategies? It is that time of year (holidays) again, and that means consumers will be shopping and spending more money. Marketers and company owners must work tirelessly to connect with their prospective clients before their competitors outpace them. To attract clients and retain them during this holiday season, you can’t afford to miss a moment with your audience. Here is who to connect and win your customers’ hearts during this holiday season.

1. Get relevant, or you will be ignored

This is neither the first time nor the last time you are hearing about the importance of staying relevant. When you personalize the client experience, your customers are more likely to understand that you respect their time.

Probably it’s time to learn some tips that Amazon uses to create an exceptional client experience. When a shopper adds something to cart and logs out, Amazon sends them a reminder about the product on a cart. Besides, the platform integrates great recommendations across the purchasing experience. Right from product searches to the final phase in the purchase process, Amazon showcases a seamless process and clearly demonstrates its understanding of clients’ needs.

2. Mobile still dominates the marking arena, but experience matters most

Well, nearly all marketing campaigns should be optimized for all devices. According to Appticles, 85 percent of shopper who uses mobile devices tend to change their minds about who to buy from based on the user experience and not the optimization or how the device looks like. That means the user experience will play a significant role in the buying decision during the holiday season.

Not all marketing messages or videos about services or specific products will convince customers to buy. However, a more personalized product video showing how much the user is likely to benefit from the product is likely to drive up to 20 percent increment in value. For instance, you can create a video that shows customers how much they will benefit from using the ski gear they have been eyeing. Highly personalized marketing videos can also reduce client churn by 22% and increase digital adoption by 19%.

3. Create high-quality video content that taps into emotions

More than 50% of professional marketers globally believe that video is the type of marketing content with the best ROI and this percentage is still growing. Indeed, a video is a highly compelling storytelling medium with a combination of sought, sight, and motion. When created correctly, it can capture and captivate viewers’ attention and successfully evoke their emotions.

Do you remember the last time you watched a great video and shared on Twitter, Facebook, or other social networks? What was the primary reason behind the engagement? Did you feel sentimental or laugh? Keep in mind that emotions are basically contagious and consumers love to watch them and share the content that inspires them.

The holiday season is that time of the year when marketers and brands try to win clients via ‘feel good’ and ‘giving back’ marketing campaigns. It’s time to create high-quality, personalized marketing videos that your target audience will find engaging and worth sharing.

4. Create a curiosity gap

Have you ever wondered why Buzzfeed and Upworthy headlines are so captivating? Their secret arsenal is the curiosity gap. This is the discrepancy between what your target audience already knows and what they would like to know. It works best if you want your audience to click a certain link.

5. Ad efficiency

Creating effective and exciting ads is essential if you want to capture your customers’ attention this holiday season. Excitement can create impulsivity and make customers quicker to act. Thus, if you manage to get them excited in ads, the chances are that they will be more interested in your brand and probably make a purchase based on the momentum of excitement.

Consider creating ads with bright colors, energetic tone of voice, and when necessary, use exclamation marks. Just like marketing flyers, you should ensure that your ad is attractive and customers can spend their time reading it and finding more information about it. Thus, you should apply the principles of sales-boosting flyers in your ad creation.

Here are more tips to help you create effective ads.

  • Use ad images associated with excitement
  • Offer something interesting to your target audience
  • Showcase your product or service at an interesting moment of its lifecycle
  • Offer discounts to make the ad irresistible to the audience.

6. Make your customers happy

A survey carried out in 2010 regarding the most emailed articles on the New York Times revealed that emotional content was shared more often. Besides, the study noted that positive articles were shared more than the negative posts. Have you ever thought of applying this rule on to your ads marketing?

Therefore, it makes sense to use brightly colored social media ads with smiling faces and adjectives with positive connotations.

7. Offer your audience for a better future

Everyone has a hope of becoming better, prettier, funnier, and smarter. This is the main reason people buy things – they want to improve their lives. Though deep inside most people know

that buying some items might not make them happier, they still have hope and go ahead to purchase.

As you design an ad that sparks hope, offer a solution or a platform to reach a better future. For instance, if you promise to double your customer’s company revenue, try as much as you can to be clear about how will do it.

8. Creating a sense of urgency works

Once you offer your customers too much time to make a choice, the chances are that they will postpone the conclusion and perhaps forget about your offer. But when you present them with a limited time discount, they will get worried about missing out the offer, and that means they have to make a purchasing decision immediately.

Incorporating emotion into your marketing strategy is an effective way of attracting, resonating with, and encouraging your target audience to act. In fact, you should think about emotional marketing as a secret weapon this holiday season. To effectively put emotions in your marketing messages, get to know your target audience and identify which emotions they are more likely to resonate with. Then align these emotions with your marketing goals and your marketing strategies.


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