Email Design Tips to Boost Your Open Rates


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Email is the biggest marketing tool we have — and maybe even the only tool. There are an endless number of ways to use email to its best advantage, but if a website doesn’t have a list of design tips, how do you know what to do? This infographic will go through 7 email design tips that can help increase your open rates.

Outlining these points should also show you just how much power there is in good design.

1. A Catchy Subject Line: If you want your email to be opened, you need a great subject line. Your subject line should be short and contain the main gist of your email in order to get people’s attention and compel them to open your email. For example, “Update on the increased fee” or “Brand new promotion!”

2. Visuals: When it comes to email design, incorporating visuals is a great way to engage your audience. In fact, according to a study conducted by marketing firm Epsilon, emails with images generate higher click-through rates than those without. So how can you make sure your visuals are effective? Here are a few tips:
1) Use high-quality images.
2) Make sure your images are relevant to the content of your email.
3) Avoid using too many different types of visuals in one email.
4) Don’t forget to test your designs! A/B testing can help you determine which visuals work best for your audience.

3. Alt Text: It’s no secret that incorporating images into your marketing emails can be a great way to grab attention and boost engagement. But what many marketers may not know is that you can also use alt text to improve the overall design and effectiveness of your email campaigns.

4. Mobile Responsiveness: Close to half of the population are now reading emails on their mobile devices, and this percentage is constantly on the rise. Make sure your emails look great across all screens sizes and can be easily read with a finger swipe. Being responsive will bring down your unsubscribe rates along with increasing open rates!

5. An Organized Layout: It may sound like a simple tip, but you’ll be surprised how many emails lack an organized layout. Remember to layout your email by subject line > body text > social sharing buttons > footer. This will make your email easy to read and allow your reader to scroll down effortlessly.

6. Personalized Dynamic Content: Is there a chance that the person you’re sending an email to has visited your website before? If so, use this information and display personalized dynamic content like their name or what they had previously added in their cart (for ecommerce sites) in order to impress them – it is a great way of instantly boosting engagement!

7. Optimized Footer: Email designers take care of a lot of details in order to create an effective email marketing campaign. One such detail that is often overlooked, however, is the footer. Many marketers simply include their company’s contact information and unsubscribe link in the footer and call it good. But with a few simple optimizations, you can make your footer more effective and help increase the chances that your email will be seen by your target audience.

Email Design Tips to Boost Your Open Rates
Source: Span Global Services


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