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Sometimes you just need to get your side of the story out there…  You want to be memorable.

Great idea, right?.

The reality is that you are competing with a million other knuckleheads for 5 minutes of time with the prospect you want to see.  Why not set your place yourself apart with an impressive presentation of who you are.

Meet Dooid.  Your online business card (on steroids).

Dooid is completely FREE for everything that I used it for, and it took me only 5 minutes to build a pretty powerful presence.  Think about adopting this right now, if you don’t have someone on your team that can work non-stop on a cool personal website.  Dooid does really well at creating a profession “you” site.

It’s a pretty painless process.  Dooid gave me a quick interview, asked me where I could be found on the inter-webs, and then prettied up my answers with some nice icons and fancy links.  It didn’t find all 85 social media platforms that I am on (thankfully…), but it got all the big ones that someone might want to use as research to check me out.  You’ll see what I mean when you check it out.

Here is how that section looks for me:

That’s cool enough.  But then you get to put together all the ways that you can be reached directly (IM, call, address, local parachute drop, etc…).

It just looks “good”.

It’s smooth.  And it looks super professional.

Check it out for yourself.  If you want people to know a better you than what they pull together on LinkedIn or Twitter, use a tool like this to stand out from the rest of the “lead munchers” out there.  Nothing makes or breaks you in the game of explosive revenue generation.  It’s a million differences every day that make you untouchable.

Here’s one to get you started: Dooid.


By the way, every Saturday morning, I will be profiling a new Edgy Technology product.

P.S. Edgy Conversations series continues every Thursday morning, Edgy Technology series continues every Saturday morning, and Tuesday morning is the regular Edge of Explosion series.  You might find yourself liking one series more than the others.  If so, let me know. Leave a comment.  Share your insight back with me.

P.S.S. I just got asked so I wanted to let you know that I do all my own writing here — no ghost writers or hamster wheels — so feel free to join in the discussion.  This is a dialogue.  I care about your opinion (and I answer everyone back).

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