Easy Hacks To Double Up Mobile App Installs


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Easy hacks To Double Mobile App Installs
[Created By eSparkBiz Team : esparkinfo.com]

As per statista, the number of apps available in the leading app stores as of 1st quarter 2018 is over five millions. Once you build a quality app and bring out in any app store, you got to let people know about it. Users have lot of apps to choose from. Therefore you need to work to make your app stand out. In other words, the app owners not only have to set yardsticks with usability, performance and other functionalities, but also requires a sublime factor in the app to remain in talks of the customer.

Here are some useful tips that will help you to double up mobile app installs

1. Make the best use of App store listing

Your listing in the app store is most probably the first introduction of your app. Therefore the first thing that should be done is to make your app riveting. Start with a dazzling icon for your app. Add illustrations that emanate the value of your app to the customers. Make the description apropos and laconic. Use the store listing oddity, graphics and text that drive the most downloads. Circumscribe your text, images and videos. Your listing needs a snap.

2. The need of App Store Optimization(ASO)

When you create an app, the first aim is that your app should be in sight of the customers. The customers should be able to root out your products on the app store. Therefore it becomes necessary to optimize the app store as soon as possible. In other words your mobile app has to be optimized so that they can gain highest echelon in the search results of an app store. As higher the app ranks the more it gets insight to potential customers. Thus being discernible in the app store show tendency of translating into more traffic your app’s page. Through ASO, you will set the seal on visibility of your product when customers searches through popular search keywords.

3. Need to make your App Global

Users prefer apps in their own language. If you localize your app, it drives installations at a gallop. Using app translation service and a development guidelines, you can question affordable and professional translations of your app in store listing.

4. Polish Your App Appearance

Your app is always expected to leave a mark on the customer when he/she arrives at your app store page. Often users are responsible for taking a divariate decision in which they ferret out whether to invest time and money in your app is feasible or not. To assure the most flattering results for this stage many Mobile Application Development Company, swallow up high-end video and photography into the app storefront which is reflecting both sophisticated user experience and UI of your product. As compared to advertising banners and text slogans, images are streets ahead for your app marketing and install frequency.

5. In-App Referral

Uber, an on-demand cab service has been progenitor for in-app referrals and made them into a business key. For Instance, In Uber, if you send an invite to your friend for an app download, the message they receive reads: ‘A gift from me to you. Claim your Uber first ride free, up to $20.’ followed by the link to download the app. Plus, when your friend signs up and books the first cab, you receive $20, as well. This referral system helps all the three people connected with the app. You get the incentive. Your friend gets a free ride, you get a credit, and the company gets a new user. It’s a win-win-win for all.

6. Hit the Bull’s eye

Well, targeting audience suitable for your app is one of the critical steps. You need to discover the main characteristics of those customers interested in your app. Whether your app is suitable for only men or women or children or only for men and women or for all of them. Other important aspects are age and location which also plays a key role in the plan. While considering the main points don’t forget to keep in my mind the education factor, which is a vital element for making right decisions. Their preferences should also be studied which will on turn can boost up your installation rate. It’s mandatory to connect with potential users during the early phases of your research for understanding buyer’s personas.

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7. Create A YouTube Video

A famous saying states, “ Most people retain 95% of the message in a video compared to only 10% of what they read in text.” Following this statement, it becomes mandatory to make a video for your app. If your plans are clear then I can suggest you to hire a professional agency dealing with creating videos with editing and a voice talent. If you are planning to invest on video, see that your video has subtitles for the local language. It is preferable if you can translate into multiple languages to boost up your install rate.

8. Refine your marketing with Google Analytics

Make every marketing Dollar work harder. You can understand which channels and campaigns are driving the most visitors in your play store listing. You can also analyze which campaign is driving the maximum number of installs. With post conversion tracking which campaigns are bringing the most users to take specific actions whether it is making a payment or something else. You can also link it with Google Adwords which will analyze your ads and creative work, suiting best as per the market standards.

9. Get your App in Google Search

With the implementation of App Indexing with Google Search, deep links through android app will appear in the Google Search result. This will let users get your native mobile experiences quickly and land exactly on the right content within your app. If users’ didn’t install your app, then they can through the given app link provided.

10. Press Release :

A famous quote by Steve Jobs, “Ad campaigns are necessary for competition. But good PR educates people; that’s all it is.” A user can install an app only if the installation button is active or visible. Therefore you can say that visibility plays an important role in installation increment.

If you plan to launch your app, it will be wise to add PR in your plan. You need reach out to influential bloggers and journalists and take reviews from them. Promotion on app stores is essential for your team as well. You need to pitch the journalists, app reviewers to introduce your app. Another factor that drive PR is to find the right pack of journalists. There are audience who subscribes particular set of publications. You need to identify all of them and find relevant publications. Reviewers should be related to your domain. If you app is about manufacturing then people who review on such domains should be pitched not people who review on production.

11. Offer A Discount

To grab attention of the user, you can offer them certain discounts on your app like free download, discounts on certain services for certain period of time, and so on. Alternative to this approach is promoting your discounts of your app from other apps. For instance, AppGratis is one of them.

Image Source: https://www.hongkiat.com/blog/tips-to-increase-app-downloads/

12. Design A Great Logo For The App

A famous saying,

“The first impression is the last impression.” If you want to apprehend user’s attention towards your app and lure him to download it, then it should be easily recognizable and should provide proper functionalities. Ideal design is to keep it child’s play, striking and at the same time civilized to avoid any confusions.

Image Source: https://www.bestreviewapp.com/App_Promotion_Marketing/ways-increase-android-app-installs.html

13. Easy on the eye Screenshots

If you want people should get a broader view of your app, screenshots are the best way to show the features of your app. The screenshots should be drop-dead to grab the attention of the user for whom your app is in question. This increases the number of installs.

Image Source: https://yalantis.com/blog/top-techniques-for-creating-excellent-app-store-screenshots/

Ask Users For A Review & Rating

Imagine you are using a product. If someone wants to buy the same product will definitely look at the reviews first or would ask friends or relatives who was a consumer of that product. If any past consumer gives a negative reply, you would likely change your mind to buy the product of that company and would search for options. Therefore you can say that you need a positive response for your app to increase the rate of downloads. But sometimes when the app is very new in Google Play, you may not have those reviews. That time, you can ask your friends, family members to give reviews about your app. Another alternative is to buy android app reviews from a reliable app review service provider. One thing you have to keep in mind, that the reviews should be from real users else you will be landed in problem.

Image Source: https://www.bestreviewapp.com/App_Promotion_Marketing/ways-increase-android-app-installs.html

15. Get Your App Listed In 3rd Party App Stores

Smaller apps have less market competition which results in possibility of gaining higher rank of your app in their play stores. Similarly, you can list your app in an alternative app store other than Apple’s and Google Play thus facing less strife. The advantage of this tactics is that you might explore a set of audience who may not be using popular play stores. Some of the

bigger third party play stores are:

  • Amazon App Store for Android
  • GetJar
  • SlideME
  • F-Droid
  • Samsung App Store
  • AppsLib

16.Social Media Marketing

One of the most ballooning factor in marketing is social media.

There are two ways to make a connection with your audience:

  • Social-Organic
  • Social-Paid

    A simple presence on social media platform defines your organic social media definition. Here you have to follow your target audience and post images, videos, etc. relevant to their searches. Don’t flood with images or promotional events, just patiently handle the queries, posts that your audience would love to see and have information, join in the discussions and so on. For example, GrubHub’s Instagram account is full of effervescent, mouth-watering cooking photos their foodie audience(target) gobble:

    Image Source: http://info.localytics.com/blog/8-ways-to-promote-your-app

    PAID –

    As per research by Kenshoo in 2016, mobile app ad CTR went up by 32%. If you invest money for app for the ad promotion, it will boosts its visibility just as your nose on your face! This creates a possibility of diverting the traffic to your app. Due to paid service, you have broad pack of people and their capability of segmentation.

    Image Source: http://info.localytics.com/blog/8-ways-to-promote-your-app
    Verdict on the Write-Up:

    Walking in a progressive manner on the path of mobile app development and app marketing is back-breaking but attainable. As you can see, the app marketing strategies are just as the welkin and has no limit. The two important factors visibility and communal sensitivity to your app is required. I strongly recommend you to go through through this write up as I know every app developer dreams more more downloads and then good revenue for the time and hard-work he/she has invested on it.

Harikrishna Kundariya
Harikrishna Kundariya is an accomplished Design & Development executive with over 10 years experience in the Developing industry. He is currently President and CEO of eSparkBiz Technologies, a Mobile App Development Company. Connect with him on twitter @eSparkBiz.


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