Dumb Things That Companies Do


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You would think by now with all of the talk about “customer experience” and ‘human factors” that companies (or organizations in general) could get the basics right, but they don’t. Instead, I am constantly amazed (and professionally depressed) about all of the dumb things that companies do. Here’s one I recently encountered – tell me yours!

Last week United Airlines sent me an email announcing a new faster check in service at several airports, touting SFO as one already in place. Trouble is that last week I went through SFO and the so-called fast lanes were closed, so I wanted to respond to this email with my feedback/complaint, only to discover at the bottom of the United Airlines email, in pico font, that they didn’t accept email replies at all, and I had to write them. A letter. In mid-2007. And expect to wait for a 4 week reply. Dumb!

What dumb things are companies doing to you?


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