Dubai Ensures Resident Safety Amid COVID Reopening with Visitor Management Systems


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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has been facing some serious repercussions in opening public spaces. With the risk of the spread of the coronavirus still impeding on the world, Dubai has taken some precautionary steps to ensure resident safety, with the use of visitor management systems (VMS).

Mitigating the COVID-19 risks has been Dubai’s top priority, and putting smart restraints on the residents’ movements has been the approach that the UAE government has been taking to ensure optimum safety measures for the residents. Here’s how:

Practicing Smart Social Distancing via Visitor Management Software

One of the primary ways VMSs are being leveraged to ensure safety of the residents is through digital check-ins and check-outs. By creating customized workflows to identify different types of visitors, establishments like hotels and commercial buildings are now able to seamlessly offer convenient check-ins and check-outs for residents and visitors. It is also helping the establishments in tracking visitor or resident activities to ensure extra safety precautions. Here are some more ways in which visitor management software is ensuring resident safety.

  • Digital surveys or forms are offered to the visitors upon entry, in which relevant questions such as “do you have a fever” or “have you recently traveled to high-risk zones” is helping in identifying potential COVID cases, and also ensuring the safety of the residents by offering them regular updates on the same.
  • VMSs offering agreement documents that include conditions such as “I’m not experiencing any symptoms of coronavirus”, or “I have not been in a high-risk zone in the last 10 days”, or “I have not been in contact with any positive tested person in the last 10 days” has also helped establishments in being extra careful. If any resident or visitor clicks on “No” for any of the aforementioned conditions, their check-in is automatically canceled to ensure the safety of the residents and other people around.

Creating Visit Logs to Avoid New Outbreaks

The UAE government is also ensuring resident safety asking establishments such as hotels or commercial buildings to keep a visitor log. If, in any case, any visitor tests positive for the coronavirus, the visitor logs can help the authorities in backtracking their activities and informing the concerned entities who have been in contact with the person to avoid the further spread of the virus.

Resident safety has seen significant improvement because of visitor management solutions that have helped in ensuring that every resident and visitor is clear of any threats and doesn’t spread the virus.

Reception and Staff Assistance through Visitor Management Software

For hotels and resorts, the use of visitor management software for check-ins, check-outs, assistance, order placement, and much more has ensured that no visitors and staff come under unnecessary contact with each other to ensure a minimum spread of the coronavirus.

The staff in hotels or commercial buildings has also been heavily assisted by visitor management solutions in terms of carrying out their tasks efficiently. Through notifications and instant updates, the staff is able to immediately heed to any assistance the visitors require while maintaining their distance. This is also a two-way street, in which the visitors are also benefiting by checking-in and out and availing other services like food order, room maintenance services, etc, from their smartphones.

Resident Tracking in Apartments and Buildings

Similar to commercial buildings and hotels, visitor management software are also being used by buildings, apartments, residential societies, etc., to keep track of residents to make sure they don’t spread the virus within the establishments.

The residents are only leaving their homes to buy essential items, and their logs are recorded in the VMS to make sure they don’t potentially bring the virus back with them. Moreover, this is also reassuring for the other residents living in the building or society through transparency.

With the reopening of Dubai and lockdown officially over, it is essential that the residents are still kept in check to avoid any further outbreaks. This is why visitor management solutions have become so prevalent, for Dubai and the remaining world. With smart visitor management, establishments are able to optimally ensure the safety of people on their premises and also in helping visitors to avoid contacting the virus.

What the Future Looks Like

Amidst this pandemic, there have been many ingenious ways in which countries are dealing with preventing further outbreaks. Dubai, using visitor management solutions, has taken a smart step for dealing with the reopening and aspiring resident safety to keep the spread of the coronavirus to a minimum.

While the residents are following all the social distancing rules, wearing masks, avoiding unnecessary contact with other people, etc., the use of visitor management solutions has helped this massive city is being extra careful with the reopening.

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