Defect Tracking Software and Chatbot Testing


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Software and Chatbot Testing
It would not be wrong to say that chatbots are the next big invention and a step towards technical evolution. The technical industry and overall world have benefited a lot from the chatbots. A lot of businesses love to spend on this new type of software as they have managed to keep the customers engaged resulting in more revenue generation and better customer retention. However, handling these chatbots and making them free of software defects is a huge challenge. Would you like to know how a defect tracking software helps combat all the defect tracking and fixing challenges of chatbots? If yes, we have a whole plan ready for you so continue reading to know more.

Chatbot Testing Challenges

While chatbots might seem like an easy piece of code, they can be pretty tough to test and debug. You can find a lot of people talking about it yet there is a huge number of companies that are still unaware of it. We have gathered the top three challenges of chatbot testing for you so you can have a better idea about them.

Understanding the Chatbots

Every chatbot is designed for a different purpose with a different idea in mind. It is yet another software designed to merge the knowledge of a business with the trends of the market to hold a natural and informative conversation with the users. Based on all of these facts, it is not unusual for every second chatbot to be different from the first one. And that is where the first challenge comes in. It is hard for the testers to get a hang of every chatbot they have in front of them. This either takes a lot of them to understand the chatbot or they simply end up giving up on them with the passage of time failing the project.

Variety of Chatbots

Even though this technology is not a lot old but still it has managed to provide people with good options to have a chatbot that fits their needs. There are usually two main types of chatbots according to the experts. The first category is known as AI-based and the second category is known as rule-based. The former category is the advanced and smart form of the technology that is always evolving over time while the latter form of chatbots works only on the basis of the rules set in the first place. However, the market has defect tracking software designed for every category but find it hard to test both types of chatbots with perfection.

Rapid Changes

Chatbots are always evolving and that too at a fast speed. One month, you will see the chatbot with around 100 questions, and the very next month, you can see the chatbot’s updated version having the knowledge to handle 400 questions. AI-based chatbots are known to be best at learning from the past and on the basis of the recent market trends as well. This makes it tough for the testers to understand the past and the current version of the chatbots. Moreover, they find it hard to predict the future and test the chatbot accordingly.

Can Defect Tracking Software Handle Chatbot Testing?

While humans have gotten tired of chatbot testing and are done with receiving not the results they vouched for, they thought it is best to go for the software. Hence, the world came face to face with defect tracking software specially designed for chatbot testing. This software became a huge success in just a few years. If you are wondering how this software can benefit the overall chatbot industry, here are some of the ways they are already doing a lot good to the market:

Better Understanding of the Chatbot

These tracking tools are designed to test all sorts of chatbots with their insights and overall knowledge. They are designed to figure out the basic features and functionalities of the software, make a list of all the features that need to be tested, and then consider every use case.

Efficient Test Cases

Developers have designed these tools to make a perfect list of all the features and then design test cases for every feature. These test cases are designed with every scenario in mind so that no side of the chatbot is left untested.

Guaranteed Solutions

Once all the vulnerabilities are discovered, the software also suggests a few solutions for the underlined issues as well. These solutions work great most of the time and hence, testers do not have to jump in to fix things for the company.


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