Decide Whether You Need A Mobile App For Business Or Not?


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Firstly the internet took over the world! Thereafter social media turned all the heads with its tremendous reach amongst every segment of the society. These advancements encouraged every business to get online with their authentic website. Businesses also got into marketing gimmicks on social media platforms. But the technology doesn’t take long to step up the game even more. Today google play store has more than 3.5 million apps on its app store! Every big or small enterprises want to leverage the online world and grow their business.

But you need to consider a lot of things before getting a mobile app for business. As it is not as cheap as getting a website for your business. When you have an app for your business, you cannot just put it there and forget about it. You have to keep up with everything that is going around. Also, keep updating your patrons about what is new with your business or brand.

All this maintenance involved in the mobile apps for business, daunt business personals away. Because they don’t have that kind of time or knowledge to keep updating these details in an app. The business owners can also outsource or hire someone for this task. But it might cost them a considerable amount of their profit for some time until their brand is established online.

There are several pros and cons involved in this matter, whether to launch an app for your business or not! Hence, here we present you these 8 factors you must consider before investing in an app for your business.

1. Does your brand need a mobile app for business?

First and foremost, you need to evaluate your brand as an individual! See whether or not the audience you are targeting uses mobile apps or not and even if they do, will they be interested in using your app or not. Mobile apps are mostly useful for regular sellers whose product we would need to buy again and again. These sellers would also like to stay connected with their patrons to sell you items of daily use. For example, if you have an apparel store and wish to take your business online! An app will help connect you with the customer better and will also help you increase your sales. But if you have a wholesale business of manufacturing plywood only! Then a mobile app might not be very fruitful for your business as it is not that you buy plywood every day.

2. What are your competitors up to?

Let’s be real! There is nothing absolutely unique you are manufacturing until and unless you are in the research field. No matter how big or small the other company working in the same field as yours is your competition. In today’s world that is driven by technology, you never know which company might surpass you with its innovative idea or campaign. You need to be well updated and informed about your competitors while running a business. You need to see if you are lacking somewhere in bringing out the best to your customers.

3. How useful the app will be for your customers?

It is one of the most important factors to consider while you are looking for an option to launch an application. You need to see if your app is solving their problem or you can say if it is making their task easier? Because only then people will be interested in downloading and using your application. You must evaluate your brand, product or services in prospect to the customers. For example, what kind and of what age is your customers! What kind of mobile phones they are using, whether or not they will be interested in downloading and using your app? All these questions are quite important to be evaluated before taking this big leap. Otherwise, your application might not perform well and might not give you certain results as you would expect out of your investment. Hence, you must evaluate all the shortcomings and requirements before taking this big step to get an application for your business. If the app you are planning is actually solving your customer’s problem, then your app is going to be a big hit!

4. What is the targeted audience and how would you want to get their attention?

It makes a lot of difference if you keep a good contact with your customers. Keep them updated about your new products/ services/ schemes. You need to invest quite a lot of time and energy to build a long lasting relationship with your client. Only then he/she may visit and buy from you again. You must focus on getting new clients too, but building trust amongst your old clients is also as important as getting new clients.
A mobile app for business helps maintain communication with your customers. It also builds a trust between them. A mobile app literally lets you communicate with your customer directly! It also makes it easier for your customers to shop with you yet again. So if you are looking for a substantial and long-lasting growth in your business! You should not think twice as you surely need a mobile app for business. Because app will let your business grow tremendously in this way.

5. Branding and business goals

You must also consider your brand and your business goals. It is not necessary that your competitors have an app for their business. Or you must follow others lead because it’s a trend! You need to evaluate the need of your brand to have a mobile application. You need to see if it falls under your business goals. For example, if you are a retailer of any kind! A mobile application might help you connect with the customer better and make shopping easier for the customer. But if you are a wholesaler and your business goals are to grow your business in wholesale only! A mobile app might not be that useful for you and your business in that case. Hence, you must state your business goals clearly before going for this option to have a mobile app for your business.

6. You need to be the game changer in your field.

As suggested earlier that you must check whether your competitors have a mobile app. You must also see how it is helping them grow their business. But you can also go another way round and be the game changer yourself! If none of your competitors have a mobile app yet and they do not think that it is important enough. You can be the game changer yourself with an innovative idea and take over the market with your brand and idea. This might seem a big step to you, but that’s what it takes to be an ace player in the market.
Also, we must warn you that just getting an app won’t work! You have to market your business or product amongst people who are actually interested in your services.

7. Can a mobile website suffice your requirements?

Many businesses consider this option too! As getting a website ready is much easier and cheaper option for any business. A mobile website gives you the best of both, mobile applications and a website. A mobile website works in the same manner such as any other website on the desktop. It is just optimized in a way such that it can be viewed on a mobile phone easily without any difficulty. In this way, you can give exposure to your business without spending a lot of money on an app! And that too without any long-term commitment and involvement. In this way, you can also test your business for its online reach and performance! Then you can see if you have sufficient clientele! And you want to maintain a one on one communication with them. You can move ahead and launch an app for your business.

8. Marketing and advertising

Only getting an app for your business is not enough! You have to market and let people know about your brand and application too. Only then your customers will use your app in a way you want. Therefore, if you are launching an app for your business, you must be prepared for these further investments too. You must market your brand such that people will know about your app and services in the specific region you want. Also, this advertising market is ever evolving with which you will have to keep updating your marketing strategies. This is why you must target the precise audience, which will be actually interested in your product and services.


There is tremendous potential in this new advancement in technology! Also, there are several reasons why you need a mobile app for business. But this idea is still a little far-fetched for a lot of small entrepreneurs, hence you must consider each and every factor stated above thoroughly. You must evaluate this big decision of getting a mobile app for your business intensively. Also, you must be prepared for the investments that come with this advancement. Because just having a mobile app won’t do until you market it accordingly amongst the audience that will be interested in your services.

Ajay Goyal
An innovative, quick-witted and humble professional with rigorous experience of 19 years in development and execution of market hunting strategies and globally leading operations, that has steered the organisation from a startup to the credible IT business partner. The exposure to the vast scale of industries has leveraged the understanding of diverse needs of non-IT businesses and the role of IT solutions in boosting sales and revenue, grasping new opportunities, meeting the client's demands, working over operational metrics and adaptation with technical progression.


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