Customer Relationship – A key for success in business


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The success of any great business is dependent on how a company treats their customers and how their customers trust their services. And, this trust builds the relationship between a company and their customers. The important thing behind this trust is how a company is managing this relationship with customers?

But, before moving on to what Customer Relationship Management is and why is it important and what are its advantages, let’s first know what Customer Relationship is.

What is Customer Relationship?

Customer relationship is a connection, trust built between a company and it’s customers. This connection can be strong or weak. This relationship can be built with marketing communication, sales support, technical assistant or customer service.

Now that we know what is ‘Customer Relationship’, let us shift our focus on how to manage it.

What is Customer Relationship Management?

It’s a strategy followed by an organization to maintain their relations with customers. Every business has its own strategy to manage this relationship with their customers but very few get success in this and it depends on the way a company has chosen to manage their customers. But, at the end, the only important thing for any business is how this relationship is beneficial for business?

How customer relationship management helps the business?

A better relationship with the customer will ultimately be useful for the business. I mean, you can get better business from your customer, if you have maintained healthy relations with your customers. There are many ways of maintaining such healthy relations with prospects/customers.

In earlier days, companies used to focus on offline marketing in order to develop these relations.

Salespeople used to travel and reach out to their customer’s door to door in order to maintain the relations. But as time passed by, offline marketing became more competitive and there came a period when online marketing started receiving importance. It was easier for salespeople to reach their target audience and complete their sales targets. With online marketing, Many tools that helped in reaching a target audience. Among these tools, CRM played a very big vital role in strengthening the importance of online marketing. CRM made work life easy for the salespeople with its features which are very powerful and goal oriented. Let’s now deep dive through some of the features of CRM which will help us understand why this tool carries very big importance in the growth of online marketing.

Features of CRM

  • Lead Management
  • Lead Management is the first and foremost important thing for any business. Once, the lead is generated, sales cycle starts. Saving the details of the lead in a well-designed format is very necessary.

    Why lead management is important?

    If the generated lead is not managed properly, then there is a chance that you may lose an important opportunity to have a sale.

  • Cold Calling
  • Now that we have all the details of the lead, it’s time for us to place a call to know what are their requirements and whether our product can fulfill their needs.

  • Two-way Email Communication
  • Every CRM tool is equipped with two-way email communication which is very necessary while converting the lead into a prospect.

  • Deal Pipeline
  • There are different stages in which we can sort our leads. This feature makes sure that we have not missed any lead and at the same time, it helps us to know where the sales process has reached w.r.t any lead.

  • Sales Reporting
  • At the end of every month or quarter, CRM can generate an automatic report which can help us know about the progress of our sales process and where there is a chance of improvement and what all things should be avoided.

  • Sales Automation
  • Above mentioned features may in turn help in automating the sales process which may help an organization to reduce their time consumed in offline management.

If you feel that a tool that is incorporated, is beneficial and is equipped with all the above-mentioned features and most importantly, it fulfills all the needs, then the tool will be the best one for your organization just like Bearbook CRM for us.

Let’s understand this point with an example. Suppose an organization is in need of a tool which is very easy to understand and operate. Then in such case, a CRM software with better user experience design will make sure that sales employees learn the working of the CRM easily and fast. Firstly, time is saved and productivity increases as employees will be very used to with the CRM features. And that is one of the reasons why Bearbook CRM is efficient. Bearbook has designed its CRM in a way that any non-technical person can learn the tool easily.

But recently, we have been hearing a few myths about CRM. Let’s discuss that as well.

It is a tool that increases sales.

It is a tool that reduces the importance of salespeople.

No, No, absolutely No! Sales Increases only by the winning sales strategy of an organization and this strategy can build only by the salespeople. Yes, CRM can only help to execute this sales strategy effectively in less time. CRM is helping to reduce the time of sales tasks, give power in sales with a data-oriented approach and one centralized sales data and team.


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