Customer Experience Trends: 7 Ways to Make Your Mobile Customers Happy


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The world is dominated by mobile-first companies. From giants like Facebook or Uber to small startups emerging across traditional industries, mobile applications have become an invaluable business asset and the key strategic revenue source and customer retention tool. Even traditional offline companies, including some major retailers, currently rely on mobile apps to increase customer value, build loyalty, and grow their sales.

Thus, customer experience on mobile has become an integral part of any successful business. To be able to stand up to your competition, it is important to focus on customer experience on mobile first of all.

That is why we have compiled a list of essential elements of a good mobile customer experience strategy that can help you win over your audience. Find more details below.

Why mobile customer experience really matters?

If you are still hesitant to join the mobile revolution, you might be missing out on some major opportunities for your business. Namely, the importance of customer experience on mobile is supported by a number of hard facts:

  • Currently, 76% of millennials rely on their mobile devices in their everyday life, from searching for local businesses to actually making purchases. At the same time, more than 56% of the global internet traffic comes from mobile devices.
  • By 2020, mobile apps revenue is expected to reach $188.9 billion (growing by 270% in just 5 years). If you are planning to get a piece of this pie, an outstanding mobile app customer experience should be one of your top priorities.
  • It is a lot easier (and cheaper) to retain the existing users than attract the new ones. Moreover, it makes more financial sense in the long run: 81% of consumers would be willing to pay more for improved customer experience.
  • Satisfied customers are more likely to become loyal brand advocates and, as a result, drive more sales through referrals. Research shows that 89% of customers would recommend a business if they had a positive experience on mobile.
  • Mobile users are less tolerant to mistakes. According to Forrester, a poor mobile experience is one of the top reasons why customers would consider switching services or product providers.

Taking into account these arguments, more businesses are betting big on improving their mobile app customer experience to differentiate themselves from their rivals. To keep up with the market requirements, consider the following customer experience optimization tips.

How to improve mobile customer experience? 7 customer experience optimization tips

1. Focus on accessibility

Make your apps easy to get and use. Don’t ask for data you don’t actually need. Don’t make your users login before they can even peek inside, and don’t push them toward paid subscriptions. A better way is to start by offering a freemium plan. Utilize a social media login or touch/face ID where possible to simplify authorization.

2. Personalize

Get to know your customers. Make use of your data to source valuable insights into customer behavior and modify your mobile experience accordingly. Provide tailored content suggestions, relevant deals and offers, send timely notifications to keep your customers in the loop, etc. Employ various analytics and test out different approaches to discover what works best with your audience.

3. Innovate

With the advances in hardware and software, there is untapped potential in mobile technologies. Take for example AR app development for iPhone X. By integrating AR/VR capabilities into your mobile app(s), you will not only add customer value, but you will differentiate your brand among the innovators in your industry.

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4. Mind the details

If you aim at improving your customer experience, start with UX and UI. Make sure to offer a proper onboarding process, and include small microinteractions to spice up your app UX. These are the small elements that can often be underrated. Yet, it’s the details like this that can set apart a good app from a great one.

5. Tailor your content accordingly

Make sure your app content meets the platform requirements and works well despite its limitations. For example, in eCommerce apps, it is important to adapt the product page to the size and specifics of the device/platform.

Another common problem with mobile customer experience lies in the improper use of ads which can damage your app’s UX. Thus, you need to be careful and choose subtle and user-friendly app monetization strategies.

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6. Simplify

Mobile apps are commonly meant to be used on the go. That is why it is important to make your mobile customer experience as intuitive and simple as possible. For example, visual search, one of the hottest mCommerce trends, is a great opportunity for an shopping app to draw users’ attention. Another good strategy is to simplify the customer flow in general and reduce the steps required to make a purchase.

7. Provide all-round support

Be there for your users, offer as many contact channels as possible, and make sure to choose the most convenient avenues: in-app chats, messengers, or email are traditionally preferred by mobile users. Make sure you can help them resolve any issue or answer any question 24/7, use FAQs for self-service or integrate a chatbot for customer support to streamline and speed up the process.

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Wrapping up

While there is no single or absolute way to improve your customer experience, there are many things you can do to stand out among your competitors as a customer-centric and innovative brand.

The listed approaches represent only the tip of the iceberg: Improving the customer experience is an on-going and extremely individual process that depends largely on your audience as well as the industry you operate in.

And last but not least, make sure to keep your digital customer experience consistent across all your channels, not just mobile.


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