CRM Tool Academy: Finally — Get Instant Customer Feedback on IPhone Without Being An IPhone Dork


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There you are, account manager, about to walk into a room with a major customer, wanna know if they’ve sent any feedback you should know about?

No problem — whip out your iPhone, click this nifty little app from Walker Information and there you go — get all the latest feedback from a company or individual, and see who’s responded to the survey and who hasn’t.

If the first ten Google hits are anything to go by this is the only app on the market designed specifically for this. If they’re not, well, much of the world doesn’t know what it thinks it knows, wouldn’t you agree?

Indianapolis-based consulting firm Walker Information says the app was created to complement Walker Link, an online tool linking account managers to feedback provided by customers. Basically you can cut to the chase on your iPhone now.

Honestly, this reporter automatically deletes the words “leading,” “first” and “only” from any company news. We also kill useless wordoids like “enable,” “solution” and “utilize.” I’m sorry, friends, “utilize” means nothing “use” doesn’t mean just as well. If you’re writing “utilize” you’re pretentiously polysyllabificating due to deep-seated lexicographical inferiority complexes and you need professional help.

But we really can’t find any other iPhone app that does this. Oh sure, next week there’ll be six of them, but this might be one of those rare cases where this really is the state of the art for getting instant customer feedback.

Just don’t be an iPhone dork about it all.



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