CRM Tool Academy: Corral All Your Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, VoIP, E-Mail Onto One Interface


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Rocket Technology Labs is now accepting requests to Beta test their Rocketvox unified communications platform, which the Rocketmen say is “one place to view and manage all of your communications streams with channels for any POP or IMAP e-mail, VoIP, voicemail, visual voicemail, voicemail-to-text, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.”

All your e-mail accounts in one place, all voicemails, everything — and you don’t even need a new phone number. In other words, your one-stop shop for all your social media. What a boon for ADD-afflicted Web surfers out there. Think how grateful your mouse will be with so much less wear and tear.

Here’s how they put it on their blog: “It runs on your computer (and soon on your smartphone) by aggregating all your modes of communication into a single, integrated inbox where you can manage all your e-mail accounts, voicemail, VoIP, text messaging, social networking, status updates, contacts, schedules, calendars, chat, fax, conference calls, and screen sharing.”

I’d say that pretty well covers it, yes.

Rocketvox Beta’s user interface is being released as an Adobe AIR application that runs on Mac OS, Windows, or Linux. They’ve partnered with VoIP and voicemail providers Ribbit and PhoneTag to transcribe your voice mails.

It comes with encryption, back up, and non-repudiation into Rocketvox Beta, and all the standard promises about how your info will be safe as safe can be and how they’ll never ever ever even think about scanning, reading, data mining, or selling your data, cross their hearts hope to die.

Plus they have the bestest company picture ever.


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