CRM News: NetSuite’s SRP, RightNow, Ciboodle, Stupidest Criminal Alive


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NetSuite has announced NetSuite OneWorld SRP, their “end-to-end cloud business
management” offering.

Company officials tout the product’s “integrated financials, resource optimization and services management… down to the individual project level across geographies, currencies, and tax jurisdictions.”

Company officials also pointed out that “neither Oracle nor have this. Neither of them. Ha ha ha. Losers. LOSERS!”

There you go, always good to get some local news — Deskforce, a Software as a Service provider, has signed an agreement with New Zealand-based ActionStep to deliver ActionStep’s CRM-based hosted product to the service provider’s install base.

The deal also expects ActionStep to “target new market sectors via its established network of Managed Service Providers.”

I’ll bet the deal was signed between the hours of 9:00 a.m. Monday and 5:00 sharp Friday afternoon, living here one year so far this reporter’s learned that New Zealanders take their weekends seriously. They don’t let much interfere with their weekend fishing and boating here.

Deskforce Europe is based at DeskForce Europe BV, WTC Schiphol, Airport B Tower, 5th floor. That’s right — the airport.

In sports the New York Yankees evened the World Series at one game apiece, taking Game 2 from the Philadelphia Phillies. Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez is oh-fer so far in the Series despite being the highest-paid player in the game. When asked A-Rod explained that his contract “doesn’t say I have to hit well in the World Series” to cash the checks.

Customer service software company Sword Ciboodle is quadrupling its Chicago-based workforce a year after opening an office in the Windy City. Company officials say they plan to hire over 60 new employees.

The company currently employs around 300 people across the world.

Sword Ciboodle is based in Glasgow, one of the few habitable cities in the world with a less hospitable climate than Chicago.

In politics San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom announced he was dropping out of the race to be the next governor of California, announcing that “I’ve just looked at the state budget numbers. You couldn’t drag me to that job with a trailer hitch, Jerry Brown can have it.”

RightNow Technologies has introduced what company officials are calling a “groundbreaking cloud product,” — ponder that metaphor — RightNow CX, a “customer experience suite.”

Greg Gianforte, RightNow founder and CEO, says RightNow CX addresses three primary customer engagement points — the Web Experience, the Social Experience, and the Contact Center Experience.

Paul Allen reportedly requested The Jimi Hendrix Experience be included as well.

“Unlike CRM, which is an internally-focused customer management systems, CX tools are rooted in the end consumer,” RightNow officials said, explaining the difference. “You wouldn’t believe what a logistical nightmare it is keeping track of them.”

That’s the news for this week, we’re off to get a Magic Marker for our Halloween costume as The Stupidest Criminal Alive.


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