CRM News: Map Your Relationships; The Customer Service Death Rattle


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CRM vendor StayinFront says that telecom firm Euphony Communications has deployed StayinFront CRM 11 across their European offices.

Euphony established a beachhead in Benelux to support their core business reselling land line telephony, Internet access, mobile, and energy services such as gas and electricity. France surrendered upon hearing the news.

Nigel Huxtable, vice president, Sales EMEA of StayinFront, said he liked the StayinFront product’s twin attack of CRM and analytics in one system “without the monetary investment and time requirements of configuration.”

The Good News: Customer Experience Management vendor Tealeaf has commissioned a survey finding that 48 percent of online adults in America say they’re conducting more online transactions than they did in the past “given the current economic climate.”

The Bad News: 80 percent experience problems — error messages (38 percent), endless loops (19 percent) and login problems (28 percent) — when doing so.

The Ugly News: That’s an improvement. Last year 87 percent said they had problems.

The Hey, Wake Up, Stupid news: Fully 32 percent of those who experience issues when conducting transactions online “would simply take their business elsewhere or abandon the
transaction entirely.”

The Death Rattle: Customers are complaining to their friends, not you: “38 percent of all online adults contacted a company’s call center after encountering problems using the Web site in 2009, versus 47 percent in 2008.”

In sports, Ahnold The Governator signed a bill allowing the construction of a 75,000-seat stadium, hoping to get an NFL team back in Los Angeles.

The proposed stadium will be built about 15 miles east of Los Angeles, according to plans.

Schwarzenegger said in these tough economic times, California needs to spend millions of dollars to get an NFL team, since that’s “53 more part-time jobs created.” The legislation specifically prohibited the 0-6 St. Louis Rams from moving back.

Salt Lake City-based 7 Degrees has launched PeopleMaps, an app which is supposed to show people “how they are connected” to any person or company. It comes in free and “Professional” editions.

The tool’s “deep mapping technology” gives an “intuitive, visual representation” of
“relevant” relationships, searching personal contacts from Outlook, LinkedIn, Facebook, Gmail and Yahoo as well as Internet and “premium data” sources.

The result? Your “connection paths” to any person or company. The premium edition “analyzes and ranks sales prospects based on the strength of personal and professional connections.”

They’d have won our Company of the Week award if they’d offered a Kevin Bacon Edition.

In politics the percentage of adults who think there is “solid evidence” that the earth is warming and that people are causing it has dropped from 77 percent in 2006 to 57 percent today, according to the Pew Research Center.

“The steepest drop has occurred during the past year,” according to the Associated Press.

Observers attribute the drop to a “statistically significant” correlated rise in the number of adults who can identify the smell of coffee.

Getting a jump on the Christmas season, SeeWhy is offering Live in Five, its “Grinch-busting” Web site conversion program.

Evidently it’s a “real-time, shopping cart abandonment remarketing” product. Scott G. Silk, CEO of SeeWhy, says “e-mail remarketing can recover up to 50 percent of abandoned shopping carts.”

Also stops runaway sleighs with reindeer/dogs named Max.

That’s the news for today, we’re off to hide the keys to our brother-in-law’s La-Z-Boy.


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