Creating Positive Stories Is More Important Than Ever!


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As I have written, ranted and raved about repeatedly, I believe that in today’s personalization economy, people crave personalized, authentic and hassle free interactions.

As a result of the explosion of social media, stories have a more powerful ripple effect than ever in history.

Service and the perceptions around the experiences are unique because they are engineered, produced, consumed and evaluated simultaneously.

In every interaction there are only three potential outcomes:

1. A negative story – “How was Joe’s?”

“Joe’s diner is so bad you should eat anywhere BUT there!”

2. No story – “How was Joe’s?”

“Eh, no better or no worse than the competition.”

3. A positive story – “How was Joe’s?”

“Oh my gosh! That place was unbelievable. The milkshakes had real ice cream! I felt like I was going back in time. What a great experience!”

It is obvious that two out of the three possible outcomes are negative. and the third story is what we are all after. Net Promoters!

Stories today can have a dramatic affect on everything from a product, a brand, a company, a politician and even governments and their leaders.

It is important to remember that if you want to change your stories, you first have to change the experiences.

If you want to create experiences that are positively better, one thing I know for sure is those interactions and experiences better be personalized, authentic, fast, fun and hassle free.

When you do that, the stories that are told about you, your company, your product and your service are the ones that will bring others.

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