Consumers are Savvy to Scripted Service Encounters


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Scripted calls. We’ve all been there – and oftentimes it’s easily tell when a call is scripted. I know I’ve been involved in service calls where the agent actually appears to be reading (and more than likely, is reading).

I recently came upon an article titled, “New Research Shows Consumers are Savvy to Scripted Service Encounters” which brought up some very good points. One thing they suggested was how it is acceptable in certain circumstances to script a call or a conversation; for example, when checking into a hotel or renting a car. There are, however, many other circumstances where it is not acceptable and detrimental to a company’s bottom line.

One example would be if a client, especially an affluent client, calls their concierge for a hotel or restaurant recommendation…they don’t want a scripted answer, or a list of hotels decided upon before their conversation. They want to be listened to – and have their preferences heard.

This is critical for the company, whether it be a corporate concierge for employees, high producing sales associates or a credit card perk or benefit.

I highly recommend you read this article, and the complete study, “Can Customers Detect Script Usage in Service Encounters?” which can be found online at:


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