Clean Up Your Google Analytics Data For Better Decision Making


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Last week I posted an article to show dealers how to update Google Places to create a measurement for the number of clicks to your website you get inside of Google Analytics. (Read Part I)

This code will help “clean-up” the visitor traffic reports that are being attributed the other sources. This will be important in our use of data to accurately attribute vistor traffic by source.

For most dealers, Google Places traffic is mixed into general traffic which is sloppy data since we know how important Google Places is for referral traffic.

I have included a snapshot of the last five days of traffic to this dealer’s website once I added the tracking code.

Google Maps Tracking Code Yields Google Analytics Data

The campaign name that I chose is now clearly showing in the “All Traffic Sources” report in Google Analytics. Once this runs for a month, you will start to be able to see just how important Google Places Optimization (GPO) is for your business.

So, if you are starting to dig into your site analytics to make smarter marketing decisions, it is critical to isolate Google Places traffic which otherwise would be padded into other broader categories.

It is too early to say that there is a pattern accross multiple dealers, but it is interesting to note that the bounce rate from Google Places (19.57%) was much lower than Google Organic Search (33.43%). See below:

Google Places Clicks in Google Analytics


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