Citi Unveils its Upgraded Mobile App for Android in 2019


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Kaspersky reported that mobile banking malware has tripled in the past two years. With that in mind, and the level of security required in banking apps, and clear signs of growing threats, banking app testing becomes challenging. So, tech giants have a lot of work to do with making banking apps smooth and secure. In this regard, Citi has unveiled its upgraded version of a mobile banking app for Android in the US. It has enhanced features and provides improved app navigation. Citi’s iOS app already offered features that are added to Android now, which is more likely due to iOS’ preference in the US as compared to Android.

Banking institutions need to hire a banking app testing company to provide customers with an array of holistic services accessible via mobile apps. Citi’s app focuses on navigation that proves the importance of improving user experience by upgrading its features. The upgrades include the app’s navigation and a menu to shortcuts to make features accessible. Bill payment, mobile check deposit, etc. can now be navigated easily. It also enables customers to get their account balance and view a complete record of transactions conveniently.

The existing Citi mobile banking app gained popularity amongst customers for offering convenience and has captured the market attention. Citi ranked third in J.D.Power’s 2019 US Banking Mobile App Satisfaction Study. This research was conducted to measure customer satisfaction of their app’s user experience. Citi is expecting to boost customer satisfaction by extending its app’s navigation features to Android users.

What features can enhance Citi’s banking app?

It is expected that streamlining the navigation could be integrating a virtual voice assistant. Users would just have to say a command aloud, and it would perform the task. Developers will have to rethink the menus and simplify things. This will also be backed up by capabilities like changing an address or password. Bank of America offers a similar feature as a virtual voice assistant, Erica, that is capable of bill payments, and has gained huge popularity. It has also crossed 6 million users since it was launched and adds an average of 500,000 new users monthly. Other banking apps have advanced capabilities that can alert customers about suspected fraud, suspected hike in the price of a service user has subscribed to.


With the growing rate of mobile users, the banking and financial services industry has to keep up with the latest technologies. They need to come up with creative and quality apps that are secure and offer convenience for mobile app users. Too many features can cause disrupt the user experience. Thus, when adding new features to apps, they should be tested by a reliable banking app testing company. Banks should also pay attention to enhancing the user experience for boosting experience and customer satisfaction. So far as Citi is concerned, its focus on user experience will further set its mobile app apart from its competitors and increase the number of users too. In 2019, Citi’s active mobile banking app users have grown 12% annually.


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