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Although the development of a new software product is an exciting feeling for founders, choosing the right technology stack for their product is a constant issue. The fact that the internet is filled with a lot of information does not help. Instead, it adds to the confusion faced by most founders who don’t have tech backgrounds.

In this article, we’ll help make your decision easier by highlighting the various factors you need to consider when choosing a technology stack. But before we get to that, let’s start from defining what a technology stack is.

What is a Technology Stack?

A technology stack is a set of technologies, software products, and programming languages used to develop web or mobile applications that are efficient. This tech stack (as it’s commonly called) is a blend of different frameworks and tools which form the frontend (client side) and backend (server side).

Nowadays, software development companies in USA have a wide range of tech stacks available for web and mobile development. Depending on the product that a software product development company is developing, it doesn’t make sense to select the latest tech stack available. We won’t be choosing the technology stack for you in this article, but we’ll provide you with factors which will help your selection process. Let’s get right to these factors.

Requirements of the Project

The type of software project you want to develop and its requirements play a considerable role in the technology stack you’ll choose. If for instance, your software project is a small one, delivery will need to be done fast – this means making use of technologies like WordPress that are used for fast development.

On the other hand, if the project is a mid-level one, you may have to hire dedicated developers who will use a blend of programming languages. This programming language combination will initiate multiple functions in the software product. For projects like this, technologies like Java or C# are needed for smooth integration into different platforms.

For complex projects, however, you’ll have to select some web tech and programming languages. The business goal and project size will also play a role in the technology and language you choose. If for instance, your business goal is for low latency or heavy load processing, you have to choose the frameworks and programming languages intended for this purpose.

Speed and Execution of the Project

Apart from the requirement of the project, there are other factors to consider such as the speed and performance of the project. Software development companies in the USA need to consider loading times as it’s a significant issue faced when developing a system. You should work on optimizing the performance of your project so your software project, as well as technology stack, will be agile.

Software Product Users

You need to consider the users of the product when you’re choosing a technology stack as the product is made primarily for them. A software product development company needs to consider the target audience and user experience as this will help them select the best technology stack for their product. The user device, user number, user satisfaction, and more all play a significant role here.

Migration and Security Needs

When choosing the technology stack for your software product, software development companies in the USA need to consider if you need to migrate an existing system or integrate legacy systems into the new system – as it will help in your decision making.

Security needs also need to be considered when choosing technology stacks as this is very important. You should ensure that the stack you choose is competent with your resources, policy compliant, secure, and quickly learned.

Expertise of developers

You need to consider knowledge and proficiency when you hire dedicated developers into your team – as their expertise will play a role in the technology stack you choose. The expertise of the developers will aid in getting your software product to market fast.

You should consider the community and vendor support of the technology stack; choosing one with good support will help the developers solve any issues that arise with your product. The ease with which the technologies can be tested should also be considered, and ensure that you choose technology stacks that are suitable for test-driven development environments.

Scalability of the Technology Stack

Scalability, as well as the flexibility of your system, needs to be considered. Hired developers from a software product development company need to look and think ahead when choosing technologies for your product, especially in complex project scenarios even if the system scales vertically or horizontally.

The popularity of programming languages change every 5-7 years; frameworks every 2-3 years and CMS every 1-2 years. This change in demand means that you need to select a technology stack that will be well supported and prevalent in the future or you risk needing to modify the entirety of your software project too soon.

Cost of Development

When you hire dedicated developers, they’ll inform you about the cost of developing your software product. This cost plays a role when you’re choosing the right technology stack. Although open source technologies are free, there might be licensed technologies you will need to pay for before using.

It’s essential that you have an idea of what you’re dealing with when developing a software project, as well as the costs you’re ready to spend. You’ll need to consider the development costs as well as the technology stack functions and usability. The salary of the developer also needs to be considered so you can make the right decisions.

To Wrap It Up

There are different technology stacks available, so you need to consider all these factors in choosing the best one for your software product development.

You should also know the resources needed to maintain your software product as it will help in inferring the required expertise, costs and type of technology needed. This way you can choose the technology stacks that fit the needs of your software product.

Vishal Bhatia
Vishal Bhatia is an international pioneer and expert innovator in the field of outsourced web, software, and mobile application development. In the last decade as the CEO and Co-founder of Dedicated Developers, he has successfully partnered on development projects with over 320 technology companies from 12 different countries to bring their web and mobile application ideas to life. His passionate team at Dedicated Developers is revolutionizing the outsourcing industry by cost-effectively aligning technology strategies focused on fueling business growth.


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