Change: It doesn’t need to cost the world


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Sometimes an organisation needs to completely restructure.

Sometimes a department needs to know how to streamline a customer service process.

Sometimes, the shop just needs a new sign.

Jim Connolly wrote a great post on how small changes can have big results. In the online world, every metric can be measured –  every email, every sign up, every click. This level of detail allows you to scrutinise, revise and improve your service to Nth degree. These constant little changes has led to the theory of releasing products and services that are “constantly in beta” – frequently being refined to help improve the Customer Experience for the user, subscriber or consumer.

You just have to look at Apple & Google to see how they have never just release a product to market. Gmail officially retained its ‘beta’ tag for years, while Apple is constantly releasing updates to not only apps on the iPhone, but to the device itself. What Jim’s article articulates is that it doesn’t necessarily need these large software updates, organisational restructures or big paint jobs – sometimes its just adding another subscribe box, a different line of copy, or a new way of greeting your customers. These small changes can lead to big results.

Have you got any stories of small changes that influenced your Customer Experience in a big way? We’d love to hear some case studies in the comments.


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