Chance Favours the Connected Mind…


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Take a few minutes out to review this video by Steven Johnson, author of “Where Good Ideas Come From”.  He debunks the thought that an idea is a singular thing – and replaces it with the suggestion that an idea is a network.

He looks for the signature behaviours that underpin creative environments and goes on to explain why – if you want to foster innovation – your office should look like a coffee shop.

He rounds the story off with an illuminating explanation of how creative thinking stimulated the invention of the GPS network.


  1. Bob,

    I saw that video today also and thought it was excellent. I especially loved his line about chance favoring a connected mind, and planned to use it as a title for an upcoming post, but you got to it first (ah, well, you snooze you lose).

    I do feel, however, that his idea only goes halfway, because if you put a bunch of unprepared minds together you’re probably not going to get very many good ideas out of it. The original quote about chance favoring the prepared mind is also a critical aspect of the equation, so I think you also have to give people space to study and reflect.

    Jack Malcolm


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