CEM’s Weakest Link: 3 Tips for Managing Brand Value


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You’re only as strong as your weakest link. You may be gambling your brand equity if the weakest links leading to the end-customer’s experience aren’t managed. Have you analyzed your business processes in terms of internal branding. Focus their attention on early warning signals that prevent delays, re-work, scrap, and shoddy deliverables. (See my ebook on Metrics You Can Manage For Success for tips on how to do this.) By tracking process inputs and in-process warning signals, you can avoid the garbage-in garbage-out realities that plague the reliability of the customer experience. Make sure everyone views this as an integral part of their job, rather than nice-to-have tasks to do if they get the time for them.

If you want to boost your brand value, manage your weakest links for substantive results that can prevent negative buzz and customer churn. Don’t gamble your brand equity on unreliable customer touchpoint value chains. Stronger links lead to word-of-mouth with an exponential effect on your marketing investments.


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