Business Wisdom from Drug Dealers – Presentation Recap


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One of my favorite presentations from the January ProductCamp Austin was given by John Moore. The presentation was provocatively titled, “Business Wisdom from Drug Dealers”, but this was not a link bait trick. John delivered “the goods” while using the movie American Gangster to derive lessons that applied to the legitimate business world.

John not only found a way to creatively share some real world advice (based on his experience marketing for Starbucks) but also found a way to entertain a standing room only crowd.

After the presentation, I caught up with John and asked him to share one of the points of his talk,

John has the full presentation on Vimeo and Brian Massey put together a great infographic on the talk. You can find more from John on his outstanding blog, Brand Autopsy.

On a side note, John was the first presenter that I have ever seen who did not panic when his laptop crashed. Without missing a beat, he reached into his backpack and pulled out a second laptop. What would have been disastrous for most talks wasn’t even a speed bump for John. Very impressive!


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