Business model innovation yields Apple 100X growth


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News is pouring out of the WorldWide Developers Conference but here are is simple snapshot of the numbers for Apple. Impressive all round:

  • Over 25 million iPads have been sold since the original 2010 launch
  • More than 15 billion songs have been sold via iTunes Music Store – making Apple the biggest retailer of music worldwide
  • 14 billion apps have been downloaded from App Store (which includes 90,000 just for the iPad)
  • iBookstore has seen 130 million e-book downloads
  • Apple has paid out over $2.5 billion to developers
  • There are more than 225 million accounts with credit cards and one-touch purchase power.

Not to mention that at market close on June 3 Apple exceeded the market cap of Microsoft (market value of $201.59 billion) and Intel ( $115.21 billion) combined. The closing value of Apple was $317.60 billion. Some pundits predict that Apple will rise to “its natural level” of over $500, and then be worth more than Dell, HP, Microsoft and Intel combined!

There may be Apple detractors and Apple zealots, but the facts of comparing Apple to Microsoft and Intel in June 1998, and now, are astounding.

Am I completely bamboozled or is that a 100X yes ONE HUNDRED TIMES increase in market cap for Apple!? Whereas Microsoft and Intel are roughly the same (not taking into account inflation which means they have declined in purchasing power terms).

That’s not to mention the sad story of Nokia, 10 times bigger than Apple in 1998 and now 10 times smaller in market cap, and in free-fall.

To quote g4dualie: “Apple changed the rules of the game to level the playing field. Under Microsoft’s dynasty, might made right (market share) and with Apple’s resurgence came a new meme; intelligence is fashionable. Work smarter for a better return on investment“.

Apple is a powerhouse at the moment, and leading the charge in business model innovation.

Do you think Apple will continue to define the playing field for it’s competitors?

How do you think that Apple will continue to maintain it’s distance from the others?

Where will the competition come from, current players or a new entrant?


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