Business Owners Find Fortunes on Mobile Apps Urging to give their Best Shot


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In the 21st century, a business leader need not only get the things done; but the needs will be to get the things done before time and in a better way as compared to the competitors. This will help his business to survive in the long run. With a boom in the mobile apps and digital world taking over the market, business leaders have divided their ways in that direction so that they can efficiently manage their routine transactions. There are different mobile apps available to perform various tasks like sales, purchase, chain management, logistics, meeting planning, services, and many other things.

“In my opinion, the future of mobile is the future of everything.”
– Matt Galligan, Co-founder of Circle

By 2020, more than 70% of the planet’s population will own a Smartphone – Source

A survey was conducted as to how many businesses integrate internal mobile apps. The answer to this was 40%. In another survey, in which it was asked to half of the business whether they would have their own mobile app, the answer was 100%. This statistical data proves that mobile apps are becoming the mainstream for the business leaders.

Why do you need to build Mobile Apps for your Business?

Apps have Powerful Targeting Capabilities

The mobile aspects of the mobile apps offer a different dimension to market the utility apps. The mobile apps have specific mobile technologies which provide unique and effective means for the owners to engage with their clients. One such mobile technology compatible with mobile apps is geo-targeting. It is a function which allows the marketers to segment the target audiences on a small level by tracking the location of the user. The capability through this technology enables the marketers to engage the clients in the most optimal marketing contexts and also to deliver personalized messages to their clients.

Apps Boost Customer Service

The businesses whether big or small invest in mobile apps to build or improve customer service. The mobile apps provide various opportunities for all the businesses to expand and improve their customer service capabilities. The two methods through which mobile apps enhance customer service capabilities are customer-facing technology and convenience.

Apps Boost Customer Loyalty

Mobile apps work for businesses to secure customer loyalty. With the help of an app-based loyalty promotion or programs, businesses can inform the users regarding the early-bird special offers, promotion, or exclusive deals because the customers visit the store within a certain radius.

App Data Supports Marketing Automation

Measuring and collecting mobile user analytics allows the businesses to optimize, measure and track their marketing campaigns for user returns and engagement.

Various benefits are brought up by analyzing app analytics data like:

• A better understanding of customer behaviors.
• Ability to develop personalized messages and campaigns
• Ability to identify the best channels to deliver the messages
• Ability to determine the optimal time for reaching the customers

Why is the Mobile Application Becoming a Mainstream Part of the Business?

Don’t wait just innovate

On any business, the pressure of innovation is always high. Mobile apps integration in the workspace identifies the company as a tech savvy. Customers tend to visit those businesses which depict modern touch in their work.

Office culture vanishing

Business is no more obstinate and sticks to the time limits; they have started adapting the remote and flexible working options. The use of a mobile app for an internal work allows the employees and the managers to manage their work and employees.

Convenience is the most significant trump card

Mobile apps and mobile phones have made completion of difficult task quite simple. With a mobile app various tasks like coordinating client list, managing sales, placing orders and other jobs are much more convenient.

Stay Connected

Without communication no business is possible. Business is not only engaged with the social media but also stays communicated with the subordinates, discussing with the superiors and delegating orders to the workers and that also not only with the official ones but with also others staying in the remote locations.

Essential elements that need to be included in mobile business apps

Professional Developer

Seasoned and professional developers are required for the successful business. The professional ones know the pros and cons of the mobile operating system, latest technologies, best practices, optimization and version control.

An Adequate Budget

Without an adequate development budget, you cannot start the development process of the business. You should consider all the moving parts of your design and evaluate the cost which will be required to incorporate the needs of the stakeholders.

Careful branding to Grab Your User’s Attention

You need to find ways to grab the users’ attention when they load the business application for the first time. The app design must have a user-centered approach and inclined to provide a better experience. New user tutorial and clever loading screens are the great way to do this.

Loading Indicators that Keep Your Users in Loop

If you do not have a loading indicator, then the users will think that the application is malfunctioning or frozen. Loading animations and indicators let your users know that the app is fully-functional and waiting for the network of your phone to respond.


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