Building Customer Relations: How Construction Firms Do It


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You know that old phrase, “The customer is always right”? It’s a statement that acknowledges customers are fundamental to any business.

Understanding the significance of quality customer service is crucial for a thriving business. It may mean the difference between creating new customers and keeping old ones, or struggling to find them at all.

Why is customer service so key?

According to the customer service team at Accord Construction Inc., “Construction-related industries have the benefit of building customer relations by word of mouth, so good service means retention and growth.” The flip side of this is that one particularly vocal and dissatisfied customer can wreak havoc on a company’s reputation.

Unhappy consumers will not spend money. In this day and age, customers have several outlets for complaining (most of them online) and can reach thousands in a matter of only seconds.

Many construction companies have a tough time addressing customer relation problems, unfortunately. It’s a good idea for a firm to rectify an image issue because your success ultimately depends on it.

As a business owner, you must ensure your company focuses on understanding exactly what good customer service is and how to define it. If you have a firm understanding of that, you can work to build and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

What is good customer service?

To define customer service for your particular business, you first have to understand how to deliver what clients want. In general, good customer service means having enough experience to provide quality products or services.

It also means helping clients make the best choices for themselves and dealing with them with a friendly, helpful attitude. In construction, good customer service can look a little different.

The following are some helpful tips for better customer service practices that can benefit contractors.

1. Flexibility

Every client and project is unique, so customer care solutions that work for one job may not work for others. Your customer care team must be flexible and in constant communication with the rest of the team.

According to James Farrell of clixifix, “Your customer care department should not feel as if they are on an island detached from the rest of the team.” Your business should regularly review and adjust its policies.

Being rigid with customer service protocols is rarely a good idea.

2. Recognize customer value

Catering to your customers is key, and the value of doing it right needs to be recognized. If you don’t provide the best service possible, another company may take your place.

When clients call, respond. Automated systems are fine, but most customers prefer to talk to real people. Details like this are important to consider. How long does it take you to respond to inquiries?

It’s important for a contracting company to remember that construction has its own language. Learn how to translate the process to laymen. Detailed explanations, timelines, and budgets should help your customers.

3. Stay one step ahead

Being able to anticipate problems before they occur is ideal, but not always possible. However, addressing problems once they surface and before customers complain is entirely within your power.

Problems will pop up, and ignoring them or smoothing over the issue can appear phony. Being up front and honest with customers is the best way to satisfy them.

Tell them you are aware of the problem and explain what you’re doing to rectify it. The key is to respond before the customer even knows something’s not right.

4. Stay in touch

It’s a good idea to ask customers how they’re doing. Solicit reviews and provide feedback on your website to promote more business.

The more potential clients see happy customers, the more they’re apt to be willing to give you a chance. Staying in touch regularly through email is a great way to maintain the relationships your business has already established.

The key is to figure out a way not to be forgotten once the job is done. Do that, and it will undoubtedly lead to referrals and repeat business.

The best customer service is simply to display a positive and genuine attitude across the board. Making the entire process user-friendly and transparent can go a long way.

Go the extra mile to make the client happy; he or she will come back, and maybe even send some friends.


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