Boost Your Sales With Blend Of Salesforce And Quip


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Customer satisfaction is the centric goal of Salesforce CRM and for any business customer satisfaction holds the highest priority. Thus, businesses despite their sizes opted Salesforce CRM to enhance their brand awareness.

What a business expect in return for making an investment? Higher customer engagement rate, closing more leads and increasing productivity. Isn’t it? CRM helps you to achieve these goals. CRM plays a dominating role or you can say a deciding factor which helps and guides businesses to nurture faster and smarter.

To create wonders for your company, Salesforce Development team brings a blend of productivity and customer success platform to boost your sales in the market. Salesforce holds hands with Quip to develop a live data report for its users. With this powerful collaboration, a new level of productivity can be achieved in the sales and marketing department.

What is Quip?

Quip is a productive software tool for businesses that compress documents, task-lists, spreadsheets and the team conversation on one platform. It allows to update live data and it also permits you to add comments and highlights to your documents. The changes can be seen by all members of a group. Thus, this tool is quite popular among businesses.

Quip is compatible with Android, iOS, and Web. It offers a feature of ‘standalone chat rooms’ which helps users to communicate personally. Users owning small businesses can take advantage of the basic features for free but to utilize advanced features, they need to take paid subscription (Charges are applicable for big ventures).

Benefits That Businesses Can Earn From Collaboration of Salesforce and Quip

1. Export data from Salesforce to Quip

You can easily and efficiently transfer your live data from Salesforce to Quip. This facilitates you with a unique feature that is, any update or modification which is made in the Salesforce report is automatically updated in Quip.

blend of salesforce and quip live data
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2. Build transparency in work

To work effectively on a crucial project it is required that the team members work as one body. For this, we require having better visibility in the work. Quip along with Salesforce allows you to create documents and reports via Quip elements. Team members can actively participate on important topics through Quip tool; this will improve quality of the services that are provided to the customers. Whatever data is changed or added can be seen by all members as Quip automatically sync the reports.

3. Join forces to land on better decision

When many people jointly make a decision, it appears to be the best and clever decision as almost every possible risk is considered while analyzing a task. It allows you to deeply understand the reports and aid you with the real-time information which help you to provide a better decision.

4. Manage work remotely

Salesforce’s Quip connect App is now available in AppExchange. Being compatible with iOS, Android, and Web, users can access the Quip from their personal devices. Whether you are traveling or in the home, you will be notified about the important task. You can monitor your documents and spreadsheet on your smartphone or tablet. It is similar as if you are carrying your suitcase of documents along with you.
It will help you to stay connected with your customers and also to track your deals even when you are not in the office.

5. Innovative task management

Quip is comprising of different tools squeezed into one tool that helps the users to make their task list. Quip replaces Microsoft Project and Asana by providing a more satisfying and dependable task management tool. According to Taylor, Salesforce uses the Quip App for its largest cloud event Dreamforce’16.

Salesforce development service industries use Quip App to offer better customer experience by always connecting with them on and off the office.

Apart from these benefits, there are some more features which enhance the user experiences. Few benefits are exporting files from Quip to Excel, Word, HTML, and PDF and also history tracking feature.

History tracking feature enables you to track the updates that you have made in your data and also you can revert back your changes at any point in time.
Quip checklist and Quip lightning are also the features of Quip tools which are intended to make user’s work easy.

It has been noted that Quip proves to be a valuable asset for enhancing sales and increasing resource productivity.

salesforce quip integration facts

There is no security violation and destruction of information as Quip works on a single shared document rather than working on multiple version. With the help of Quip’s live chat room, it becomes easy for the team members to communicate faster and better.

Thus, Quip escalates your business growth as it reduces the time which is wasted on updating data on spreadsheets and enhances the team performance by displaying a wonderful space of working together as one soul. It increases the quality of output result delivered to the clients.


Implementing collaboration of Salesforce and Quip into your marketing strategies and work environment will definitely help your business to grow to bigger and smarter in today’s competing scenario.

Salesforce CRM was already a big game-changer for the businesses as it offers perfect and cut-throat strategies which help them to close a deal, attract customers and increases brand awareness.

Thus, after incorporating the Salesforce and Quip into your business with the help of Salesforce consulting services, you can easily note an advancement in your sales. Marketing becomes more effectual when you have flawless tools to implement your strategies.

Hence, it is advisable that if you haven’t tried your hands on Salesforce CRM and Salesforce’s Quip connect app than you should experience this wonderful combination to make your services “The Best” services for your users and also helps your business to enhance return on investment.

Hemendra Singh
Mr. Hemendra Singh, Managing Director, also the co-founder of The NineHertz is a visionary leader who oversees the corporate direction and successful growth of the Company and its employees, alike. With a career spanning nearly 10 years and a degree in Information Technology, Hemendra is the epitome of the new-age entrepreneurship in the emerging Digital India, who has catapulted The NineHertz to be counted among one of the foremost IT Companies in India.


  1. Hi Hemendra,

    “Customer satisfaction is the centric goal of Salesforce CRM and for any business customer satisfaction holds the highest priority. Thus, businesses despite their sizes opted Salesforce CRM to enhance their brand awareness.” – it might be true that customer satisfaction is (part of) Salesforce’s goal but your conclusion from there is somewhat bold. There are numerous companies that did NOT choose Salesforce to enhance their brand awareness. Actually more than did, just statistically.

    And, I would say that e.g. Microsoft works similar wonders – integrated into their own Dynamics suite or integrated into a raft of other CRM products.

    Additionally, there might be many more goals that a company could pursue, chief of them higher efficiency and/or higher effectivity, both rather related to lowering cost. NB: This is one of the chief reasons why people nowadays rave about CEM and CEX, and put CRM into the transactional corner 😉

    Having said that. The combination IS cool and it DOES provide (a lot of) potential.

    But it is by no means something unique and Salesforce itself, in spite of all the interesting things they do, is not the synonym for CRM 😉

    Just 2 ct from Down Under (relayed from the first world)

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