BigCommerce SEO: Tips for Getting Your Products to Rank in SERPS


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Online commerce is a tricky but potentially worthwhile endeavor that you will probably need to dip your toes into if you want to be an entrepreneur during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the marketing strategies used for brick and mortar businesses are applicable to online businesses, but some marketing strategies, like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), become much more important if a website is your main place of business. Understanding how search engines index their first page results and how to work with SEO is very important. Here are a few topics you should be familiar with if you want to run a high-ranking BigCommerce Store.

Running Your BigCommerce Store

To have a high-ranking BigCommerce store, you will need to put a lot of care into the quality of your store. To rank high on SERP you need an attractive website design and perfect SEO and promotion. You can use marketing agencies like Webtrents Services for your promotion campaigns. S Search Engine Optimization is how search engines decide which search results should go where, and one of the factors is the quality of the content on your website. The most straightforward way to improve this aspect of your store is to take into account what your customers want to see and invest some time into design the site accordingly. Google Analytics has a number of tools that can help you learn what the average visitor to your website wants to see, and learning how to read and apply that data can go a long way toward reaching your target demographic by showing up in their search results.

Working with SEO

Knowing how to manage your online presence through on-page and off-page SEO is going to be a major part of your online marketing efforts, and it requires constant upkeep as well. On-page SEO refers to factors that are a part of the website itself and its perceived value to people who click on it when it is searched. Off-page SEO has more to do with how your website is perceived elsewhere across the internet. For example, when you or someone else makes a social media post or otherwise links to your website and how “fresh” those links are. If you are looking to improve your off-page SEO, consider collaborating with other people who have a presence in your target or peripheral demographic.

How SERPS Work

Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) are an important but notably distinct part of online marketing. A search engine query will result in unique search results every time someone types in one or more search terms, as a result of user data collected by the search engine. It is for this reason that you will generally be better off trying to market to a target demographic. You will have a harder time showing up in the search results for someone in Washington State if you are a business located in Nevada. Search Engine Optimization is the main way to get your business onto a Search Engine Results Page, but you can also artificially place yourself at the top of some searches if you pay for an advertisement. With all of these factors taken together, keeping your SEO up to date can be very time consuming and you may find it worth your while to hire a firm specializing in BigCommerce SEO instead.

The internet has had the peculiar effect of bringing people together who previously would not have had a chance to share their interests with each other. This can result in some surprisingly active niche markets that would not otherwise exist. That being said, this does not mean that there is going to be a market for every kind of store. Having a business plan that takes into account who you are selling to, how much time and effort goes into SEO, and other relevant market information is going to serve you well.


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