Best and worst experiences?


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Try this simple “ice breaker” to generate lots of discussion around the room … “what has been your best customer experience, ever?” and “what’s been your worst customer experience ever?”

At where I ran CS 1999-2001, Jeff Bezos would challenge us with the first question, exhorting us to create a customer experience for Amazon customers that would exceed the sum total of our personal experiences … for example, when you might have walked into the corner store holding your Mom’s hand, and the shop owner recognized her and offered something special, maybe to you.

In a recent client meeting I asked these questions and got these answers: BEST = IX (web hosting co), Cox Cable, Gasser’s Garage, Starbucks, Contactual, and Specialties Bakery … and WORST = USAA (a big surprise to me, a USAA member since 1972), AT&T Wireless, Medicare, State Brothers, Vista Survey, and Bank of America (more soon on my personal bad experience!).

What are your best and worst customer experiences???


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