Best Customer Data Platforms to Help You Scale Your Business Data


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Are you one of those people who are looking for the best segment alternatives? There is no need to look further because we have got you covered!

We understand that your data is one of the most vital assets for your business. You will produce leads that are more relevant for your company and nurture those leads into loyal customers when you organize your data.

Allow this post to present you with the top tools, which will help you organize your data efficiently and effectively. Are you ready? Without further ado, let us get started!


The new kid on the block! If you’re a fan of open-source projects- RudderStack in the best customer data infrastructure segment alternative option for you. RudderStack can allow marketing teams, growth teams and app developers. Processing your data pipelines enables real time insights across your business functions.
Moreover, you can also filter data to manage costs for certain destinations.


Did you know that Profisee is an excellent data management tool for businesses that aim to organize their data? This data management software enables you to understand your audience better by considering all the numbers and making a visual model for your company.

It is a great tool for strengthening the workflow of your team. You will be able to incorporate your data into one location to make sure everybody has access to the same data. Isn’t it amazing?

On top of that, the visual data presentations let you figure out the hierarchies and connections, which drive your business. It enables you to monitor your website and digest it in a manner, which is simple to comprehend.

If you are only looking for a tool that can enhance the workflow of your team, this is your best option.


You can determine your visitors, prioritize them according to behavior, and serve on targeted accounts in real-time. BigPicture helps you counterpart your anonymous traffic to company profiles. One best feature of this data management tool is it helps the team acts quicker on hot accounts.

One of the benefits of using BigPicture is its user-friendly. You can incorporate data from your sales tools, CRM, and website. The interface will also help you collect your data in one place, allowing your sales rep to get in touch with the ideal people.

BigPicture is a good tool for employing real-time data to help you enhance the strategy campaign. That is especially true if you are seeking for data tool options.


Mixpanel enables you to assess the behavior of the user on your site and in your apps. That feature allows you to track and enhance your customer experience.

You will love how Mixpanel can gather much accurate information for your business. Furthermore, you will develop what is more critical to your business, such as downloading a guide and interaction on a specific page.

You will receive a more specific product and customer data in real-time according to those parameters. Hence, it will help you learn and understand your audience better.

This data management tool is recommended for businesses that want to determine trends for their business by developing key metrics and seeing how they trend. The tool enables you to know how users engage with the pages of your site.

What is more, the tool can locate trends among the audience when it comes to how they engage with your site. You see, it allows you to learn their behavior and utilize that know-how to make improved campaigns.


Are you looking for a data management tool that lets you acquire, monitor, and use data to make better campaigns for your business? In that case, MarketingCloudFX got you covered.

It provides a plethora of tools that can help you organize your data. Thus, you will have access to many features such as call tracking, CRM integration, reporting and analysis, advanced targeting setting, bespoke content, and automated email marketing, among others.

You will understand about one of the most important factors within your marketing (your audience) with MarketingCloudFX. It is worth mentioning that this tool provides two programs: LeadNurtureFX and LeadManagerFX. Both programs help you organize your leads and understand your audience better.

On top of that, it allows you to make a searchable database of your previous and existing leads. You can utilize that to create better campaigns in the future.

You will find a manifold of other features from MarketingCloudFX. It has everything you need to develop your business from lead nurturing to review management. What can you ask for?


Have you heard of Hull? This data management tool offers you a cohesive perspective of every lead, account, and contact you have. This continuous integration lets your marketing and sales team have identical data so everyone can drive the most efficient outcomes for your business.

One of the good things about Hull is that it lets you fill in your existing data and wipe out any irrelevant or old data. That makes sure you only obtain reliable data, which is relevant to the strategies of your business.

Moreover, this tool lets you customize your customer engagements by making modified segments from various applications. That data will help you create bespoke communications, which engage leads and get them to engage with the business.

You could align your marketing campaigns and drive better sales to resonate with your audience when you know your data better. Hull is the perfect option for you if you are only seeking to automate your data collection.


Ultimately, we have Datadog. This tool is an excellent place to search, filter, and assess data that lets you know your user experience much better. It allows you to see the journey of your audience through your site and enhance their overall experience according to their behavior on your website.

We also want to emphasize that Datadog enables you to search the data in context, allowing you to understand better the behavior of your audience. You will have access to automation tools to make your campaigns much simpler. The tool provides bug tracking and source control to help guarantee your applications and campaigns run appropriately.
There you have it! Which of these data management tools are you planning to use today? We hope you have already picked the best program for your needs and preferences.

What are your thoughts about this post? Feel free to share it with us by leaving your comments below!

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