Balancing Mistakes vs. Excellence in Service


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We’ve talked/written about the art of correcting mistakes made in customer service. If customer loyalty is a goal (and we will assume it is), your company’s goods and services must be prepared to run the gauntlet of many tests, some your company can predict and some it cannot.

If you were to bet on the success of Company B or Company A, which would it be?

Company B provides top-level excellence in customer service.

Company A provides top-level response to mistakes made in customer service.

Okay, it was a trick question. All companies must create the right balance between excellence in goods and services and excellence in mistake response. Both elements are needed if a company is to build the best customer retention possible. Outstanding services breed customer loyalty. Outstanding responses to problems breed customer loyalty. Every company must have plans, training and actions to accomplish both. It means getting on that balance beam to make sure the goods and the corrections are both offered at excellent levels.

Which companies do this?


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