Awesome Book on Web Analytics


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Having been in the web analytics industry since 1999 (more or less), I have had the pleasure of observing progress on many fronts. Yesterday, when I received my copy of “Web analytics an hour a day” by Avinash Kaushik I thought to myself that the web analytics profession had just advanced another step with the availability of this book.

There have been many aweomse books on Web analytics in past years. However, what jumped out at me immediately after browsing through this one was that here is a book truly written by a practitioner who himself has been responsible for giving love and attention to metrics. It seemed as if the recommendations in the book are that much more practical because they were born in the trenches of the author’s work while at Intuit.

I will whole heartedly recommend the book to all our web analytics customers at Unica, and of course to everybody who wants to put themselves into the shoes of a real web analyst.