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Vasu Prathipati
Vasu is the CEO of MaestroQA. He is a jack of many trades, focusing on recruitment, strategy, fundraising, product management, BD, sales, marketing, and everything else that isn't actually writing code. He studied Finance and Business at the Wharton School, and loves thinking about things like company culture, and how to build a workplace that encourages creativity. When he’s not thinking about customer support, he’s reading about entrepreneurship and playing pick-up soccer.

Customer Service Quality Assurance and Soft Skills: The Good, the Meh, and the Ugly

When companies begin to QA for agent soft skills, they’re overcome by a wealth of options. There are a million different levers they could...

Building Customer Loyalty and Trust Through Quality Customer Support

Every customer service interaction has the potential to build loyalty and trust with a customer, even the password reset answers you provide. The key...

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