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Shay Fleming
Head of Marketing at ServiceDock, which is a customer feedback and service platform for multi-unit businesses. ServiceDock is the first platform to facilitate location-specific surveys via messaging apps, which capture 3X more feedback in physical locations than web forms. Our real-time dashboard provides deeper customer insights in a shorter time period and there is no more efficient way to close the feedback loop. We also facilitate store-specific messaging so brick-and-mortar chains can offer the same level of digital customer service as is available online. Reinventing CX in chainstores.

The Importance of Collecting Real-time Customer Feedback (and how to capture it in stores and restaurants)

Are you collecting customer feedback in the days or weeks after customers visit your business? If you are, have you considered what this is...

5 Methods of Capturing Customer Feedback for Restaurants and Retailers

Every type of business requires customer feedback, but unlike with online enterprises, restaurants and retailers don’t usually have access to a customer’s number or...

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