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Reuben Yonatan
Reuben is the founder and CEO of GetVoIP. With an extensive background in cloud communication technologies, and building industry leading internet companies, Reuben's writings blend commentary, research, and perspective on cloud computing, digital media, business/leadership strategies, and enterprise solutions. Follow Reuben on Twitter @reubenyonatan.

Top 10 Email Spam Trigger Phrases to Avoid in Your Marketing Efforts

Reminder: PMarketers have to be careful when drafting emails to avoid having them be triggered as spam. Marketing teams send out bulk emails on...

How to Segment Your Customers for More Personalized Customer Experiences

Higher customer retention rates come from better customer support, and the modern consumer is all about personalization. This is true of companies that perform...

10 Modern Business Communication Methods That Customers Love

Only a hundred years ago, the only thing most businesses did to communicate with their customers was hang up a cardboard sign. The times...

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