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Pohan Lin is the Senior Web Marketing and Localizations Manager at Databricks, a global Data and AI provider connecting the features of data warehouses and data lakes to create lakehouse architecture. With over 18 years of experience in web marketing, online SaaS business, and ecommerce growth. Pohan is passionate about innovation and is dedicated to communicating the significant impact data has in marketing.

5 Ways Customer Data Insights Create True Loyalty Value

Image Source Loyalty as an aspect of your business is huge, and it’s growing. The global loyalty management market stood at $2.47 billion in 2019...

10 Must-Have Salesforce Dashboards You Should Consider Implementing

Data analysis is at the heart of a productive team. Using the best salesforce apps allows your team to ensure the continuous growth and sustainability...

First-Party Data & UGC: How Data Privacy Trends are Impacting Customer Trust

As with any advancement in technology, regulation is very often slow to catch up. The internet has been around for over three decades at...

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