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I'm Philipp Wolf, founder and CEO of Custify. I spent many years in the leadership team of an international software firm. During that time, I experienced many companies that spent big money getting new clients without first thinking of a systematic approach making sure these new clients are also successful with the product itself. That's why in 2017 I decided to help other SaaS companies by founding my own company. I have a strong background and experience in customer centric software design, creating products that users love.

SaaS Pricing Strategies And How To Pick One

Deciding on a pricing strategy for a SaaS is often not as easy as it looks. Most products have a fixed price and a simple...

Customer Success Vs. Customer Experience — Is There A Difference

If you've spent any time reading about customer success (CS), you've probably noticed that it emphasizes crafting positive customer experiences. Read any content about...

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