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Miles Hobson
The Chat Shop
Miles Hobson is Content Manager at The Chat Shop. Miles produces insightful content that allows companies in an array of industries to increase their sales and make customers happy.

How Great Service Can Get You More Sales

You know the old style used car sales routine? The one with all of the stretching of the truth, fake declarations of urgency and...

Listen When Your Customers Need You

In the past, companies have developed channel or product-specific support models which compete for supremacy. However, in the eyes of the customer, you’re a...

How To Improve Customer Service: Be Less Robotic

I feel like we’re on the edge of a technology breakthrough when it comes to robots. Robots which are actually like humans. How did...

Traditional vs Digital Communication Channels

I recently read a great article that discussed balancing efficiency and the human touch. The article, by Alex Blyth, drew attention to an important...

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