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Mikhail Naumov
Mikhail Naumov is the Co-founder & President of DigitalGenius— a venture-backed artificial intelligence company, transforming the customer service industry. In his role, Mikhail is focused on bringing practical applications of deep learning and artificial intelligence to customer service operations of growing companies and well-established enterprises. A frequent speaker on the topics of emerging technology, artificial intelligence & entrepreneurship. He is a leading voice in the Human+AI movement, focusing on the seamless interaction of human & machine intelligence in business application.

4 Ways Conversational Process Automation Revolutionizes Customer Service Operations

Customer service operations are being tested to their limits by surging consumer expectations. Recent Zendesk research shows that while up to 42% of B2C...

How AI-enabled Contact Centers Expedite Resolutions & Improve the Travel Experience.

Between shopping for fares online, booking flights, and getting through an airport, there are a lot of touchpoints which are critical to an airline’s...

How AI is Helping Travelers Make Nice with Airline Customer Service

There’s no doubt passengers are becoming more demanding when it comes to interacting with an airline. In 2017, the U.S. Department of Transportation found...

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