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Michel is the Co-Founder and CEO of Usermind. Her enterprise software career spans more than 20 years with roles in sales, product, marketing, and general management. Before founding Usermind, Michel was VP of products at Apptio, where she drove product strategy, defined the category and discipline of Technology Business Management, and helped grow the company from 30 to almost 400 employees. Prior, she managed product teams at Opsware and led the acquisition of Opsware by HP Software for $1.6B. She also worked in a variety of product and engineering roles at Mercury Interactive and Compuware.

The 3 Unintended Consequences of CX Obsession

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Fighting the two-front war — customer experience is the new battleground

Businesses in every major industry today find themselves in the beginning of a prolonged two-front war to attract new customers and retain existing ones....

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