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Jonathan Costa-SaintJohn
I am a leader with 15+ years experience managing global customer relationships, driving business growth through strategic sales and consultative solutions. Lessons learned throughout my career have proven that we must fuse together Sales and Customer/Relationship Management through evangelizing our organizations products and services. In order to procure an appropriate, result oriented solution, which above all is customer friendly.

Riding the Revenue Wave – Managing Client Acquisition and Attrition

Managing customer acquisition and attrition is a fine-balancing act for most organizations, while for others it’s a horrifying feat.  With sales and business development...

Retaining Customers Add 10% – 25% to Bottom Line

The numbers behind the relationships you keep are daunting, and for those organizations that manage their current clients' experience, the positive impact is downright...

Remember Me?

It seems so long since we have seen each other, and truthfully I forget what you even look like anymore. I vaguely remember the...

Blending Your Company’s Hunters and Farmers to Increase Revenue Now

Trying to learn more about what companies are doing today to grow revenue, I took a look at jobs posted at Linkedin and SalesLadder.com...

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