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Jeremy Ward
Where there is successful CRM, there is the understanding of the pitfalls and challenges and, ultimately, a clear appreciation of what "good" looks like. Good is often simple to start with, where CRM is the answer to a clear and defined challenge. Done well, it evolves to support enhanced and sophisticated processes and provide a single version of the truth in the age of the ever more sophisticated digital customer.Jeremy is the head of the consulting team at TouchstoneCRM, Fifteen years of implementing CRM solutions has helped develop an appreciation for the good, the bad and the ugly.

Mind the gap! The degradation of CRM

Not all the press about CRM projects has been positive. Tales of failed projects exist, but for many more projects, the challenge is not...

My CRM project failed because of lack of user adoption. Really?

We all like successful projects and rightly take satisfaction from the adoption of new technology into the business. Sometimes, though, they don’t quite work...

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