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Jeffrey Mack is currently the Head of Marketing at SaleMove, an enterprise SaaS company redefining how companies communicate with their customers online. An ardent champion of the Customer Experience, Jeff thrives at the intersection of business, technology, and design. Prior to SaleMove, he held various senior digital marketing roles at companies like LinkedIn, Softcard (Google), and HSBC.

Don’t Believe the Bot Hype!

There is certainly no shortage of hype around the topic of artificial intelligence (AI). Every day we find grand proclamations about the arrival of...

To Bot or Not to Bot…That is the Question

A recent article in AdAge (Why Marketers Are Betting on Bots) examined the growing trend of companies leveraging artificial intelligence in customer interactions. The...

What Does Cake Have to Do with Customer Experience?

Customer Experience can be a voyage through a fog for many companies today. It’s unclear who is in charge of it. Is it Marketing? Is…

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