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Jordan Edmunds
I am business development manager at Zing, a dedicated Twilio consulting partner. My role is to help organisations put their contact centre at the heart of customer engagement. I'm involved in the whole process, from speaking to new customers to assess their needs through to the full implementation of Twilio.

How to use SMS more intelligently, for one-to-one conversations at scale

Just over three years ago, I was in Newcastle visiting friends. We went out, had a few drinks, and, after the cab home, we...

Speech analytics: the latest contact centre conversation

Anyone who’s ever made contact with a call centre will be familiar with the following phrase, or some variation of it: “Calls may be...

If the customer is always right, how can you please them all at once?

If you watch enough of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares you start to identify a few trends. A scene that features in almost every episode goes...

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