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Dr Simon Moore
I am a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society with a wealth of commercial/consumer insight experience. I work with organisations and brands in the areas of behavioural economics, emotion profiling and customer experience, engagement and advocacy. I have specialist knowledge of customer-brand personas, biometrics and consumer irrational decision making. I am an author and regularly present papers at academic and business conferences. I often appear in the media providing psychological insight into organizational and consumer matters.

Narrative Journey Maps (NJM), the new and better way to Map the Customer Experience

If the point about Customer Experience is to start with the customer's psychology then why are we still living in a world where linear...

Customer’s emotional experience – more complex than positive or negative

Customers are irrational consumers. How many things do you have in your home that are impractical and lack function? Why do we collect things?...

Net Promoter Score – a delicate case of the Emperor’s New Clothes?

My guess is that you "like to be liked"…. right? Is it enough to know you are liked or would you also like to...

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