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Capitalized on the opportunity to lead forward-thinking corporate marketing initiatives throughout the Americas, including implementing marketing automation, sales intelligence, and CRM platforms to drive business growth.

Black Holes in the Customer Journey

Getting Lost Between the Silos image credit: Magic Software Enterprises Many companies have the goal of gaining a 360-degree view of their customer interactions. However,...

Avoiding 5 Common Mistakes when Integrating Customer Data

In our highly mobile, social and online world, customer experiences occur in real time, across numerous touchpoints and in unstructured ways. Responding to customers...

10 Tips for CRM System Integration Projects

CRM systems integration projects can be very risky. There are at least a dozen oft-quoted industry analyst reports that estimate that the failure rate...

Leveraging Social Media to Build Customer Relationships and Brand Loyalty

Many businesses have pushed all-in on Social Media. In the high-stakes game of customer relationships and reputation, social media can be an excellent channel...

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