Dan Toma

7 Signs Your Industry is About to be Disrupted

With entrepreneurial successes such as Airbnb and Warby Parker or SpaceX taking over industries, the desire to disrupt a sector via technological design is on the rise. The Digitally advanced startups, innovators and inventors are disrupting the norm, in an otherwise controlled corporate industry,...

How is the way we evaluate companies impacting diversity

In the eyes of some entrepreneurs, getting an IPO (initial public offering) represents a crowning achievement. But for all its benefits, being listed has its drawbacks. The company's valuation criteria will change. There will me more emphasis on short term predictability than on long...

The Problem With Ideas

In any conversations about innovation phrases such as 'that was a good idea' or 'the idea wasn't great to begin with' are inevitably surfacing. It is true that an idea is at the core of any innovation. Therefor when talking about their company's innovation...

The only way Tesla can hope to win

For Tesla to continue its heyday growth it needs to turn the table on the entire industry. By moving away from the car-ownership to car-as-a-service business model.

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