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Caroline Blavet
Caroline Blavet is the VP of Global Client Strategy at Dailymotion and has been at the company since 2017. Prior to Dailymotion, Caroline co-founded a company that built the first ever exchange that connects merchants with premium editorial opportunities through real-time bidding, Narrativ. Caroline graduated from Tuffs University and has her master’s degree from UCLA. Caroline is passionate about encouraging women to pursue business leadership roles as well as a big lover of the arts & design world.

Non-media companies and the takeover of video assets

As streaming video gradually becomes the primary format for content consumption, brands increasingly wonder how they can leverage the space to share messages that...

As cookies disappear, contextual advertising is taking center stage

After years of open-ended tracking on the internet, consumers and developers have decided to revolt. They are no longer accepting third-party cookies, a somewhat...

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