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Brian Steel is responsible for driving Performark's overall sales of lead life-cycle management solutions encompassing database services, inquiry management, lead generation,and lead nurturing. He was a pioneer in the area core business process outsourcing sales and marketing, working for industry leaders Kodak and Xerox. You can visit his blog at B2B Lead Lifecycle Management .

How Do Digital Cameras and B2B Marketing Automation Tools Drive Similar Behavior?

Think about what the digital camera has done to the average picture taker. In the "old days" of film you had to be...

Sorry Mr./Ms. Software Salesperson. “Rank & Score” Is Not a Solution You Offer

You scored 100 three times in a row! So, what exactly does that tell us about you? Well, if the three scores represented golf, bowling,...

Why Buy a Ferrari if You’re Living on a Dirt Road?

If your dream home is 5 miles from the nearest paved road, what would the true cost be to purchase and get "value" from...

Target Account Profiling and Pre-qualification: Why Don’t We Just Ask the Questions?

Some weeks come and go without major, or even minor revelations, and some weeks have the those exhilarating and sometimes humbling "A-Ha!" moments in...

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