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Betsy Wood
Nortel Multimedia Applications
Betsy Wood, evangelist, Nortel Multimedia Applications, participates in a global team helping companies deliver definitive customer service. Wood's 2 years of international experience include marketing, sales and consulting with Nortel and AT&T.

Don’t Use First-Call Resolution as an Excuse to Shunt Customers Aside

I tried to return something at a business I have patronized for many years. The customer service representative told me the barcode on the...

There’s an Art to Good Self-Service

Countless customers love the convenience and privacy of self-service. When it works well, it's convenient and fast. When self-service doesn't work, however, we tend...

Everyone Should Have the Same Mission: Satisfied Customers

Why do many companies that are extremely keen to acquire new customers immediately shift from "How can we assure customer needs are exceeded?" into...

A Single-Channel Policy Won’t Work

I keep hearing, "We don't really need multiple channels. We'll just make sure our customers use only the phone . We just...

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